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Maggie Buggie says celebrate what is different about you – it can make you memorable, give you a different perspective and a definite advantage.

“I often get asked about any challenges I’ve faced by being a female in the workplace. And I have to say that despite spending my time in male-dominated industries, I genuinely have only found it an absolute benefit.
Regularly I have been in the absolute minority. The best example was when I was working in Japan for a number of years. I can recall few occasions where there were other female executives in the room. But what I found was that my different perspective led to a way better outcome in most sessions that I was part of, and this brings me to one of my strongest beliefs.

It is often what is most different and special about you that is the thing that the customer, the client, the employee, the peer, the leader, will find most compelling about you, and to always bring that to the fore.”

This is an abridged transcript of the video lesson – watch the video for the full story!