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We’ve kept things simple by offering a complete video learning management solution.

Our library of 500 videos (and counting), have been created as short, talking heads – aligned with the way people naturally learn. Lessons from business leaders who have been there before, provide rich video experiences that will stay with managers for the long-haul.

Hosted on our unique video learning platform, content can be delivered on an automatic schedule right to manager’s inboxes. With sophisticated search, managers will be able to quickly find the answers they need.


Take a look at the videos and platform at your own pace with a free 30 day trial.

video management system

Skills for Leadership With Video

We all know how popular video has become and according to research, video both improves the learning experience and also helps learning 'stick'. The leadership series shares real stories from successful leaders to support managers across the spectrum of business life.

Staff Engagement

Managers tend to look to search engines or their peers to get workplace support. Wouldn't it be great if they had access to a whole host of advice at the click of a button? Our automated campaign function and instant 24/7 access finally solves these long-term challenges.

Memorable Stories

Our videos share stories from successful leaders to inspire change and to support management development. Their anecdotes and real life experiences provide an engaging and memorable means of learning. The stories share authentic challenges, solutions and advice.


Let us show you how the Clear Lessons leadership videos inspire change and help managers solve problems, wherever they are, whenever they need it. Hosted on our unique video platform, you’ll be able to offer your manager’s trusted advice at their fingertips. Utilising the power of push technology, you can support managers at timely intervals by sending videos straight to their inbox.

These resources have been developed with insights from proven approaches across the spectrum of business life. They effectively support the implementation of 70:20:10 and blended learning strategies. We are one of the founding ambassadors of Towards Maturity, the organisation who conduct the annual benchmark looking at the use of technology for learning. We fully support their philosophy and run workshops with our customers to help some of the key issues.

Do you know what managers need for top performance? We do!

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