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Nigel Paine, former head of training and development at the BBC, says he’s often asked for advice for starting a new role. What’s the best approach?

“When you start a new role, you know who you are, you know what you think the job is – well it’s exactly the opposite for the organisation that’s employing you. They don’t really know who you are, but they do know what the job is. So, there’s a meshing that has to take place.

-So what I say is that you’ve got to go in and give a clear account of yourself. Say the kind of things you want. Say what you expect. Define how you expect to be approached.

Don’t go in all humble and modest, because if you do, you can often be taken advantage of or misunderstood.

But, don’t go in thinking you’ve got a complete handle on the job either. Go in and ask questions. Gradually learn to adapt the job.

And as you learn to adapt the job to suit you, the company learns to adapt themselves to suit you and your personality and the two things work together rather neatly.”
This is an abridged version of the video lesson – watch the video to hear the full story!