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John Wagner, formerly of the Intercontinental Hotel Group and now at Cycas Hospitality, shares his insights on achieving a work v life balance.

“The work/life balance for anybody is difficult. And to say that I’ve done it successfully would be a dramatic overstatement. But I’d like to think that one of the big lessons I’ve learned in life, let alone work, is to get that balance.

I rarely take work home with me in my head. I’m really able to shut it off. Some would say, ‘Well, you’re too stupid to understand what the consequences of your decisions are or you just don’t care.’ Well, you judge whether that’s true or not.

But in my view, I’ve taken the philosophy that ‘Look, I’ve worked as hard as I could during the working day. And when I’m home, I’m done with that and I’ll go back to it tomorrow when I get back.’

Being able to turn off, I think is really important for your own mental health, and for your relationships, and having a real life. Nobody cares more about their job than I do. When I’m at work, I care about the hotels and the people, and I’m really passionate about it But when I’m home, I’m done with that and I’ll do it again tomorrow when I go back.

So, that balance is pretty important.”

This is an abridged transcript of the video lesson – watch the video for the full story!