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Video Learning Platform

We’ve created a bespoke video learning platform that works across all devices seamlessly

Platform Overview

After countless hours of searching for a suitable platform to host our content library on, we decided there wasn’t anything on the market that gave us the flexibility we wanted to offer organisations.

The outcome? We’ve created our very own bespoke platform that does everything we believe you will need. It’s fully responsive across all devices including tablets and smartphones meaning your learners can use it anywhere. It includes tracking for compliance. It can be fully customised and branded for your organisation. It does all this and much more…

Innovative search function

We’ve created a search function like no other on the market. You can search for videos based on; topic, speaker, company and more.

Rather than having to scan through hundreds of videos to find the ones applicable for your training plan, you can quickly narrow down the most suitable content for your learning plans.

Reporting suite

The platform allows you to report on user’s progress and completion. You can quickly see who has watched the videos, if they’ve completed them and how they engaged with it. Great for compliance tracking.

You can even setup scheduled emails and reminders for your learners to help keep them on track.

Curated playlists

The Clear Lessons platform allows you to create curated playlists for your learners. There are three types of playlist; public, private and organisational. Playlists can be widely shared or can be scheduled one video at a time to a targeted group.

Ideal for supporting a blended leadership programme.

We do the hard work for you

We take the pain out of setting up a new platform, for you. We will work with you to customise and personalise the platform and also integrate into any existing learning platforms if required.

Our aim is to take all the headache away from you so that you can concentrate on the content rather than the technical side.

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