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Reminder: 22 July 2015

Hi there Members,

Please remember that this is your last full week with the old reporting tool in Moodle. The removal of this tool means that some features are due to be discontinued. Most of the discontinued features exist in some other manner in the new tool or overall system. See below the discontinued feature along with its counterpart.

Being discontinued are:

hierarchy tool-smallThe ability to schedule email reports to specific people within the organisation.
An extremely flexible and easy to implement hierarchy tool has been created to allow managers to run their own reports on the system. This is open to all members and a guide on how to implement can be found here.  If you would rather we did this for you, we can do so at an hourly rate – please email helpdesk@charitylearning.org.


managers-dashboard-smallThe ability to see what has not been completed.

A more useful dashboard system has been implemented for key courses. This displays information to managers on the courses their staff have not completed. This is a completely different system only open to Membership+ members. Ideally it should not report on more than ten or so courses. A managers guide explaining the functionality is here. A guide on how to set this up is available here. If you are not part of Membership+ and would like to be, please contact your account manager or email Rachael Onions at ronions@charitylearning.org.


reporting-smallThe ability to see only select staff.
Hierarchies are now responsible for displaying the staff for each manager. Your custom fields should be used to filter on specific groups of people. The new reporting tool is much more useful and helps you get the information that you need out of the system at the point of need. Change can be difficult so please make sure you’re fully prepared. View the guide here.

ian-ross-4Kind regards,

Ian Ross
Learning Technologies Manager
Charity Learning Consortium | 08451 707 705