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Content Library

We offer a content library like no other on the market. We have filmed real people from successful organisations, sharing their stories and experience to inspire change. No scripts, no nonsense.

Library overview

Our content library is an ever growing resource of over 500+ videos covering the overarching subject of leadership. We cover such topic areas as; change, coaching, and communication to talent, teams, and time management.

We believe that we learn best when we share stories with one another.

Industry Leading Speakers

Who are our speakers? They are leaders who have achieved great things from a wide range of successful organisations. From public groups such as the BBC and NHS to international companies including HSBC and L’Oréal.

Our speakers share their hardest lessons, biggest achievements and advice for aspiring professionals. Rather than read from a pre-written script, they talk from their personal experiences.

The Lessons Our Videos Teach

Our videos take a different approach to traditional learning. We provide real life lessons from real people, these tend to be incredibly useful snippets of advice and experience.

The end goal is to inspire change in your employees and help them learn to become more competent and more confident leaders.

Bitesize Videos That Make Learning Stick

It’s proven that shorter, succinct videos do a better job at helping knowledge stay with the learner. So therefore, our thought process is why make somebody watch a 15 minute video when they can learn what they need to know in only 3?

We keep your learners engaged, by cutting out the unnecessary content from our videos, to fast track the next generation of leaders. 

Integrate into existing LMS

Do you already have an existing LMS that you’re using and happy with? If yes, you can choose to embed the content library directly into your platform. There’s also the option to have a single sign on solution.

This means you don’t have to go through the headache of changing everything. We will help sort out the technical bit so you can carry on with your day to day tasks.

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