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Helena Wayth says you can always find a way to achieve what you want to. Just keep challenging yourself.

Just ‘find a way’ may seem like a simple answer to your business challenges, but Helena Wayth, says it was the greatest business lesson she ever learnt from working at L’Oreal.

“There’s this fantastic expression called ‘find a way’. This expression – which I use a lot for myself, but also from a leadership point of view – means that if something’s not delivering, find a way to make it happen.

So if you’ve done so many things and they’re not good enough or they’re not on brief or not what you want to achieve – find a way.

It’s so open. It’s not prescriptive, it’s challenging, it’s positive, it’s empowering and it feels like it unlocks a lot of things.

It allows teams and organisations to think out of the box, which can be really exciting. It can help to create that sort of tension and dynamic of really wanting to achieve something and lock it in –  it’s not good enough yet so let’s keep pushing and exploring the boundaries to find a way to address the problem or come up with a solution. But it also takes something to a new level, that previously wasn’t viewed as being possible.”

This is an abridged transcript of the video lesson – watch the video for the full story!