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Organisations love using video for workplace learning and research reveals they intend to use them even more – but for those that can’t afford bespoke content, where can you find relevant resources? Clear Lessons, a video library, is the perfect workplace mentor, available to managers ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’

Using video for workplace learning has taken off in parallel to the ever increasing popularity of video in our daily lives. But for organisations that can’t afford to create their own bespoke content, where can they find cost-effective, relevant video material that really ‘speaks’ to managers, giving them clear advice from ‘someone that knows’?

Clear Lessons offers a suite of short, succinct videos based on the everyday challenges that ordinary managers face. Think of Clear Lessons as a colleague who has already been in the same situation – how did they handle it? What advice can they give?

Covering a wide range of workplace and soft skills, these short and engaging Lessons contain personal insights and experiences that can easily be accessed ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’, on mobile as well as desktop devices. The video Lessons are just one to three minutes long – providing the perfect means to support busy executives at work.

According to in-depth, global research into the use of learning technologies by Towards Maturity, organisations around the world are increasingly using best practice video content as part of a blended approach to L&D*.  This library of proactive videos provides a fantastic ‘How do I’ resource, giving practical advice based on key management issues.

The Lessons can be used to enhance management development programmes; as an on demand performance support tool , putting solutions directly into managers’ hands; and as pre and post classroom resources.

Martin Baker, MD of Clear Lessons commented: “It can be hard to find really relevant, affordable video material that speaks directly to managers about their own experiences – until now. I hope that Clear Lessons will become a  mobile video ‘mentor’ in their pocket, supporting ordinary managers by offering solutions to the everyday workplace challenges that they face.”

*Towards Maturity research predicts a huge increase in the number of organisations using best practice video content from outside of their organisation as part of a blended approach to L&D. According to its research: 37% of organisations used video in this way in 2011; 42% in 2012; with a predicted rise to 65% this year (2013) and next. Towards Maturity, 2012-13 benchmark: Bridging the Gap, Integrating learning & work

About Clear Lessons

Clear Lessons is a series of short and succinct videos to inspire leaders and managers. We’ve filmed successful business leaders sharing knowledge and lessons learnt to make sure that your leaders and managers always have advice on hand and an inspiring voice to lend support.

The lessons are one to three minutes long and are in the form of anecdotal stories aimed at helping leaders and managers here and now. Designed to be delivered to desktops, tablets or mobiles, inspiration is always at hand. It’s a bit like giving them a mentor that’s with them at all times!

If you would like to find out more  please email info@clearlessons.com