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Tim Drewitt, eLearning advisor at Eversheds, takes a truly blended approach to L&D, using eLearning, webinars, mobile learning and social media as part of the mix. In just two years, he oversaw the creation of a staggering 120 in-house eLearning courses and 120 webinars, so he has learnt a thing or two along the way! Here are his top ten tips for successfully embedding learning technologies.

  1. Put your content in context – aligning content to career development frameworks helps make sense for managers and learners.
  2. Build credibility of programmes – highlight the fact that both generic and in house programmes are ‘expert led’.
  3. Understand learners and respond to them – ask the right questions about what they want to know and how they want to know it.
  4. Make sure others know why you are changing your approach to learning design; don’t assume they will understand the benefits.
  5. Make it easy for managers to take learning decisions and to support their teams.
  6. Model excellence with managers – build managers skills using blended learning so they experience benefits first hand.
  7. Use video and podcasts to capture real experiences to inspire others – share them in context.
  8. Go where others are already collaborating socially, and then earn the right to be followed.
  9. Remember that successful peer-to-peer learning is not just about social media – rapid tools and webinars underpin the credibility of in-house content as well.
  10. Balance instructional design with business need, don’t over-engineer solutions to make them perfect, as it will alienate subject matter experts and introduce delays. If something is effective and immediate – just go with it!

Eversheds is one of the largest international law firms in the world – with more than 4,300 employees operating in 44 offices across 27 locations. The firm is renowned for its progressive attitude, and was declared the Most Innovative Law Firm in Europe 2010 by the Financial Times.