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The Campaign Engine

It is widely recognised that the first place someone naturally goes to for help is the internet, with Google and YouTube being the most common. As organisations, there is the concern that not everything on the internet is true, or the best advice for the workplace. Clear Lessons video learning platform gives people trusted answers in a way that suits that natural way we learn.

With the built-in campaign engine, you can build playlists and push videos out to learner groups, one by one, to support them pre and post training.

Use it as your very own marketing tool to increase engagement and share a trusted source where managers can find instant answers.

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video management

Learning Groups

Push videos to defined groups

You can manage and monitor your learning groups. As a group leader, you can set up groups based on job role, location, department, or any combination of people you wish to include in a group. The easy to use admin function allows you to set up automated emails to send playlists, one by one straight to a user’s inbox. See how well your playlists are being received from data in the video content management administration panel.

Video Playlists

Public, private and verified playlists

Support managers with relevant videos grouped together into playlists. Set up playlists and send out targeted communications at a time that’s right for your audience. The system will do all of the work for you, enabling you to easily provide recommended content to different staff roles. Simply browse the videos, find what you want and add them to the list for effective video learning delivery.

playlists for video learning delivery
topics - video learning solutions


30 topics to choose from

Select from a range of topics designed to support managers with daily business and management challenges. The search function allows a user to browse by keyword, theme or speaker, and video transcripts allow a wide field of search. Take a look at the leadership series for a list of topics found on the platform.


500 videos from inspiring speakers

Our videos show real-life solutions to genuine challenges from real speakers. All have proven experience and backgrounds in leadership and management roles, across a range of industries. These include specialist insights from senior leaders in high-profile organisations including OFSTED and HSBC.

business/corporate video platform

Want to know more?

Find out about the reporting, advanced search and campaign capabilities of our business/corporate video platform.

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Clear reporting

See what your most popular topics are, and were potential skill gaps lie. Report on watched content aligned to learning outcomes to make sure you're ticking all the boxes.

Automated campaigns

Deliver expert advice straight to your managers through the automated email campaigns. Select your playlists and push videos out to specific groups at poignant moments. You no longer need to rely solely on learners to logging in to find what they need.

Remarkable Video Search

The simple search function has a sophisticated, intuitive design. It ensures learners can find exactly what they need quickly, and without having to understand the structure of the video learning platform.

Learning Platform Administration

Full administration services provide you with the ability to set up automated reminders for learners, recommend content to staff through emails, track engagement and set up learning pathways using the playlist feature.

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