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The Leadership Series provides exceptional advice at managers fingertips to inspire change. With a library of more than 500 video, you can hear from a variety of speakers across a range of subjects and learn from their experience. Support managers’ daily challenges with bite-sized management video content from successful leaders, with solutions to real, everyday commercial issues. Enable your managers to better lead change. All hosted via our exclusive video learning platform.

Bite-sized Video learning

Each video is just 1-3 minutes in length, ensuring content provides quick, targeted learning. The bite-sized videos are intentionally short to gain people’s attention in the natural way they learn. They provide constructive insights, which are easily accessed when needed the most.

Authentic stories captured on film

One of the most unique features of the Clear Lessons leadership videos, is that they come from genuine experience. The leadership challenges video library of more than 500 videos share honest stories from real people, bringing to life the reality of daily leadership challenges. The talking ‘heads’ style creates an emotional connection, helping the learning ‘stick’, and encouraging behavioural change.

Any place any time

Just like YouTube or Google, the leadership and management video collection can be viewed anywhere, and on any device. Your managers can access the content while travelling, between meetings or at their desk. Where they have access to the internet, they have advice wherever they go.

Using video to engage your staff

We all know how popular video has become, and according to research, video both improves the learning experience and also helps learning ‘stick’; is more engaging; and execs like using it to share work based knowledge. Finally crack staff engagement with video by ‘flipping’ the classroom and supporting managers with micro learning in the most popular format.


Search by subject, popularity or tags. These themed subjects in the leadership series include the below categories.

    • Boards
    • Career
    • Challenges
    • Change
    • Global business
    • Growth
    • Hiring
    • Innovation

    • Mistakes
    • Work
    • Life
    • New job
    • Purpose
    • Relationships
    • Sales
    • Strategy

    • Talent development
    • Coaching
    • Communication
    • Culture
    • Customers
    • Leadership
    • Managing people
    • Customers

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics
    • Finance
    • Managing yourself
    • Marketing
    • Mentors
    • Teams
    • Women

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